Women’s E-Learning in Leadership

Dear Friends,

Women’s E-Learning in Leadership (WELL) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located at George Mason University.  WELL aims to create an e-learning leadership platform focused on self-awareness, self-empowerment, and well-being, as well as developing skills such as communication, collaboration, conflict management, and leadership in a global context.  Through mentorship and educational resources, we advocate on behalf of undervalued potential.  We are committed to sustainable practice, capacity building, and providing women the necessary tools and resources to be leaders, and become agents of change within their own communities.

We are convinced that self-empowerment comes from within, as long as individuals have equal opportunity to activate that power.

We are focusing on these three principles in our program:

Learn to Empower Yourself

WELL fosters women’s education through mentorship, online seminars, and literature. Women’s leadership education, alongside academics, has proven to be crucial for the wellbeing, prosperity and peacebuilding potential of any community. With this in mind, WELL’s vision is to further advance women’s learning in self-awareness and community engagement through leadership education and development. In doing so, WELL aims to leverage women within their own unique barriers, and cultural contexts in order to contribute to more prosperous communities and gender equality.

Lead Your Team

WELL empowers women to use their knowledge and take action to lead and realize their goals. WELL will reinforce the skills of leadership, e.g., time management, organizational skills, public speaking, through workshop opportunities, e-learning, and mentorship. WELL will support women to stand in leadership roles, to be agents of change in their community, and to understand the importance of owning their power.

Create a New World

WELL works to empower students to be creators. Leaders create the future and circumstances in which they can empower ideas into action. WELL’s students will create new strategies for peace, health and wealth for themselves and other people in their communities by leveraging WELL’ s global networks. WELL will work with students to develop a plan to meet their leadership goals.

If you are a student, leader, senior, experienced man/woman in any field, you can join our network and ensure a prosperous future for women everywhere!

Yours Sincerely,

Fariba Parsa, Founder of WELL

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