WELL Programs

Sample Curriculum for WELL  Academy

I.  We learn to “master” ourselves

  • Module 1: Personal Empowerment
    • Online 360 feedback assessment, self-awareness, identification of areas for improvement, and self-mastery skills.

II.  We learn to excel at one-on-one relationships with others

  • Module 2: Relationship and Interpersonal Mastery
    • Awareness of our impact on others, communication and relationship skills and tools.

III.  We learn how to be successful on a team and lead a group or organization

  • Module 3: Team & Leadership Development
    • Skills, tools, and competencies.

IV.  We learn how to leverage our leadership into achieving goals

  • Module 4: Taking Action, Making a Difference
    • Goal-setting, real-world experiments/project, activism, and entrepreneurial skills, creativity & innovation, etc.