About Us

Who we are:

The WELL project’s pilot program originated at George Mason University and is currently collaborating to become a non-profit organization to further advance our mission, visions, and core values. The project strives to create a new e-learning leadership platform focused on self-awareness, development, and well-being, as well as developing skills such as communication, collaboration, conflict management, and leadership in a global context. The project focuses its work in creating mentorship programs to serve students at the university level. WELL connects professionals and students around the world to an established network that shares knowledge, leadership skills, and education on empowerment and growth.

Our Mission:

Women E-Learning in Leadership empowers University women to lead through mentorship, educational opportunities, and global networking for peace and prosperity.

Goals and Objectives:

    • Empower women to solve complex social problems such as gender inequality, violence against women, political problems of war, and insecurity
    • Establish academic women’s leadership, capacity, and network
    • Build collaborative relationships between universities and NGOs regionally and internationally
    • Develop a comprehensive curriculum on leadership education, and personal & professional development focusing on women navigating patriarchal societies
    • Facilitate access to distance education through on-demand e-learning and online classrooms
    • Host international conferences on women’s leadership and development education

Core Values:

  • Women’s Leadership Education is important to foster more women leaders!
  • WELL believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to recognize the importance and impact of leadership education for women. It is through our unique education method that we will build strong leadership models to foster future women leaders.
  • Women Leaders are Forces for Peace and Prosperity!
  • WELL believes that an educated woman will be the driving force to create peace and prosperity for her peers around the world. Through our innovative education approach, women of all age, religion, and culture will become future leaders to make a positive social impact.
  • WELL believes in diversity through understanding the needs of women within their own cultural context. Our teaching method and curriculum will cater to multicultural women around the world. 
  • We Respect Cultural Diversity!