Board of Directors – Amy Logan

 amyAmy Logan

A global women’s human rights activist, Amy Logan is on a mission to empower women and girls through her writing, public speaking, leadership development, coaching, filmmaking, non-profit board leadership, research, storytelling, advocacy and campaigning.

Amy is Executive Coach for Learning as Leadership, a thirty-year-old leadership development and culture change firm near San Francisco where she works with executives in government agencies, the private sector and non-profits. A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with advanced coach training in the neuroscience of human transformation, she also coaches young female leaders for The Coaching Fellowship and United Nations staff for The Pro Bono Coaching Programme.

As an independent scholar, Amy has presented her research on “honor violence” at New York University’s Global Secularisms conference, Oxford University’s Women’s Leadership Symposium, The International Feminist Journal of Politics’ Gender and Crisis in Global Politics conference at the University of Southern California, and the Gender and the Law conference at Dokuz Eylul University and Gediz University in Izmir, Turkey.

Amy is featured in and the Consulting Producer of “The Price of Honor”, a multi-award-winning 2014 documentary about the US “honor killings” of two teen sisters that galvanized the FBI to put the suspected fugitive-father, Yaser Said, on their Top 10 Most Wanted List. In 2015, Amy presented the film and moderated a panel discussion in the US Capitol about “honor violence” in America, sponsored by three Congresswomen with the Justice Department releasing their first-ever study on American honor violence in the US at the event.

Amy is President of the U.S. National Committee for UN Women, San Francisco Bay Chapter. She speaks and screens her films frequently and gave a talk, “It Hasn’t Always Been a Man’s World”, at TEDxSacramento, about her discovery of a secret to empower women along her journey to overcome gender-based violence.

She is the author of The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice, a novel about the search for the ancient, lost origins of honor killing in the Middle East lauded by former Egyptian First Lady Jihan Sadat, author/activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Publisher’s Weekly. Amy has written for Harper’s, The New York Times Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, among many others.

Amy also serves as an Advisory Board member of the documentary, “Honor Diaries”, and the non-profit organization Women’s Voices Now, that helps empower women living in Muslim-majority societies.

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