Mentorship Program


WELL’s Mentoring program is an initiative that mobilizes volunteers in civil society into action supporting female university students becoming leaders. We will work with the range of technical resources to achieve the development of a website as a social phenomenon to promote, educate and empower leadership specifically targeted for university women. We will develop a web-based interaction platform to connect members of the WELL Mentorship Program (WELL-MP) to the WELL-Student Organization (WELL-SO) mentees. The Mentoring program members will be able to access the platform via smartphone, tablet, and personal computerWe will feature a profile for each mentor and mentee to enhance the online experience of matching of mentors and mentees as well as utilizing personal and one on one interviews and be consulting for matching mentors with mentees. Members will also have access to a resource e-learning library with educational materials, videos, and information to expand their leadership knowledge.

WELL- MP is a strategic tool that will accelerate leadership development and readiness. A mentor supports the emerging student leaders in their journey to improve and strengthen their leadership skills competencies. A mentor encourages and challenges the student to grow and reach their potential by taking on new initiatives, e.g., creating their own organization, stepping up to a leadership position in their community, starting a business. The mentor will guide the student in setting the ground rules, e.g., meeting times and dates, preferred contact method) personal goals, expectations, and leadership project.

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