Global Network – Rezvan Moghaddam

Rezvan Moghaddam Rezvan Moghaddam

Rezvan Moghaddam is a women’s rights activist and scholar with over 30 years of experience in social change. Her research work revolves around social change in women’s issues with an emphasis on women living under Islamic laws in Iran.

Fueled by her passion for social change, civil society and women’s movements, Ms. Moghaddam has founded/co-founded various committees to empower women on issues of peace, environment, health and gender such as;

  • The Women’s Committee in Iran
  • The One Million Signature Campaign
  • International Campaign Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI)
  • All against Acid attack Campaign

Rezvan Moghaddam currently works as a visiting scholar at the Free University of Amsterdam “VU” and holds a Masters in Pure Mathematics Statistics and Educational Psychology. She has published numerous articles, participated in conferences, seminars and international gatherings and is also PHD candidate at UF Berlin in Germany in the field of gender studies.

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