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After joining WELL-SO in Spring 2018, I’ve been reaffirmed in my belief that all women have the capacity to be leaders. As a member of this organization, I’ve already been able to meet so many incredible women who have fearlessly chased after their dreams and hearing their stories has empowered me to keep working toward my goals as well. I am most grateful for the opportunities that WELL-SO has given me to expand my network and I’m excited to connect with more female college students and career women in the semesters to come because I believe that we can all learn and grow from each other’s experiences.

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Being part of a movement with the primary goal is to empower women is important to me as I strongly believe that women should support each other. WELL-SO has given me opportunities to meet incredible and inspiring women who were generous enough to share their wisdom to us students. I am looking forward to help expand this community of supportive women as a leader and help create impact to women in this society.

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W-E-L-L SO has created many networking programs where its members have the opportunity to connect with students, professors, and other women in different career fields. Being a member of this organization means learning and growing from others experiences through workshops, guest speaker events, and community activities. As female college students it’s important to learn how to be leaders and make a positive impacts on communities and various career industries. I look forward working with members of W-E-L-L SO to keep empowering, supporting, and learning from others.  


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President — Yelinna Yeerken                                             Treasurer — Soulin Reyes

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The Student Organization at George Mason aims to create a community of students who are interested in developing themselves and supporting other female students globally. WELL Student Organization is open to all students at universities and higher educational institutions worldwide. We will support students to be connected together. We will support students to achieve networking goals by creating student groups at other universities in developed countries. WELL Student Organization fosters global friendship and supports women’s leadership education. Several benefits of joining the group include the following:

  1. Becoming a member of the Global Movement for Women’s Empowerment
  2. Global networking
  3. Mentorship (become a mentee)
  4. Receiving a monthly WELL Newsletter and event invitations
  5. Access to educational material and professional opportunities